8 reasons to switch to PC gaming

Video games are creeping into more and more facets of our lives. There are many incredible consoles on the market, and mobile gaming has improved to the point where phones can easily handle games made for consoles. But one of the original gaming machines is still as widespread today as it ever was: the PC.

The PC is an absolute beast for gaming. There are many reasons why it’s the best place to experience your favorite games, and more and more console gamers are making the switch. Here’s why.

1. PCs are more powerful than consoles

PCs are much more powerful than consoles. When you strip it back, game consoles are just miniature computers capable of many of the same things. But some sacrifices have to be made to shove a computer into a relatively small game console.

Woman playing games on PC

In most cases, there is nothing “mini” about a PC, and there are some absolutely monstrous gaming PCs out there. At the end of the day, a PC is far more powerful than any console. And as a result, they simply run games better.

2. PCs have better graphics than consoles

The power of a PC allows you to experience games with top performance in every way. This also applies to graphics. PCs have top-of-the-line graphics cards that are dedicated to visual fidelity. These technological marvels can produce graphics with up to 8K resolution.

PCs also offer a much higher FPS rate. What FPS means in games can change depending on the context. But in this case we are referring to frames per second. Frames are the many images that make up a film. Think of drawing a doodle in the bottom corner of your notebook and flipping quickly through the pages to bring your character to life. This is what happens in your video game. The more frames you see per second, the smoother your image will be.

Gaming PCs can consistently produce over 100 FPS and can display your image in up to 8K resolution at an acceptable FPS. This is more than double what some consoles are capable of.

3. You can upgrade your PC

One of the best features of a PC is that many of them are modular. Parts are purchased separately and connected individually to the motherboard. This means that you can replace parts without having to replace the entire machine.

A close-up of a gaming PC

If you feel like your console doesn’t have good enough graphics, that’s too bad. There’s not much you can do to fix that problem other than upgrade to the next console.

If you feel that your PC graphics card could use an upgrade, you are free to buy a new one and replace that part while still keeping the rest of the machine the same. This gives much more freedom than a console can offer.

4. PCs are easier to repair than consoles

The modular design of a PC not only makes it easier to upgrade, but also makes it much easier to fix. If a part kicks the bucket, disconnect it from the motherboard and replace it with another one.

Fixing consoles yourself can be complicated and is not recommended unless you have experience in the field. If something goes wrong with your console, your best bet is to send it in to be repaired or replaced by the manufacturing company instead of opening it up and trying to fix it yourself. Doing so will actually void any warranty you may have on your system.

Some parts may be built into the PC. But parts such as graphics cards, RAM and hard drives can simply be connected to the motherboard and are not complicated to replace.

5. You can use your PC for more than just gaming

When you buy a gaming PC, it just means that it has parts powerful enough to run the most demanding games. That doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for that purpose. You can use a PC for almost anything in the digital realm.

coding and open pc

Many people work from their PCs, browse the internet, stream movies, create movies, create art and illustrations, and even create video games. The list really goes on. Consoles are brilliant for gaming and sometimes streaming too, but their usefulness usually stops somewhere around there.

6. PCs have more digital capabilities

If you’re someone who likes to live without a lot of clutter, a PC can be the perfect place to store your game library. Many PCs these days do not have a disk drive. All your data and games are stored digitally.

Consoles don’t usually offer a lot of storage out of the box. If you have a lot of digital games, you will most likely need an expensive storage upgrade to fit them all on your system. For this reason, many players opt for physical purchases where most of the game’s data is stored on the disc rather than the console.

If you like to keep your shelf space free of things other than video game cases, PC games can help you transition to a digital library.

7. PCs have more games than consoles

PCs also offer more games than consoles in general. Many games are made on PC and then ported to consoles later. In some cases, games will be released on PC first as the porting process can take a lot of time and effort for developers to complete.

man playing pc game

Video consoles are at war with each other, for lack of a better term. Each company is fighting for the top position in the gaming market. Many companies release games exclusively for their respective console. But many of these games eventually make their way to the PC, which seems to be a more neutral party.

This is especially true in recent years with the arrival of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on PC. PlayStation has started releasing many of its console exclusives on PC as well.

8. A mouse and keyboard gives more control than a controller

When it comes to gaming, a mouse and keyboard beats a controller any day. You have far more control over your movements with a mouse and keyboard, and many players choose them for competitive gaming for this reason.

Have you ever lost to a player who seems to have incredibly fast reaction times in an FPS game? They probably use a mouse and keyboard. And we’re sure all console gamers know the struggles of desperately trying to type a reply in Among Us with a controller.

Using a mouse and keyboard is so widely accepted as superior that crafty gamers are constantly looking for ways to use a keyboard and mouse on the PS5 and other consoles.

Experience games as they were meant to be on a PC

PCs are far more powerful, have better graphics, are more customizable and are also far more versatile than consoles.

There are very few downsides to playing on a computer, which is why more and more gamers are ditching their consoles every day. If you’re looking for the best experience gaming has to offer, you’ll find it on PC.

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