Andrew Tate mocked for boasting of ‘full head of hair’

Andrew Tate thinks life behind bars is a bit too hairy.

“I saw my reflection today and I hardly recognized myself,” the accused rapist tweeted on Tuesday, a day after his latest court appearance showed he was troubled after more than two months in a Romanian prison.

“A long beard, a full head of hair and the stress of battle shows on my face,” he wrote along with his usual shaved head.

Tate’s tweet received support from many of his 5.2 million followers – as well as scathing comments about his thin mane.

“‘A full head of hair’ is stretching it bro,” one commenter bluntly noted, attaching a photo showing mostly skin on top of the accused gang leader’s head.

Andrew Tate and his brother leave court on Monday.
The bald influencer was widely mocked for saying he had grown a “full head of hair” in prison.

“I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t consider it a long beard or a full head of hair,” another also wrote, while physicist Dr. Jonathan Hall agreed: “I felt the same way, but I was too scared to say the.”

Others, meanwhile, compared the fiery influencer’s appearance to his younger brother, Tristan, 34, who looked far more stylish – and sly – as he smiled at photographers on his way into Bucharest Court of Appeal on Monday while handcuffed to his divisive brother .

“Maybe he looked at his brother and thought it was his own reflection,” wrote one wiggle.

Still, Tate used his unwanted new ragged appearance as a philosophy lesson for his followers, who are mostly impressionable young men.

After catching his unrecognizable appearance, Tate wrote, “then I looked into my eyes. And recognized myself completely.

“They can’t break me,” he said.

Andrew and Tristan Tate were handcuffed together when they arrived in court in Romania on Monday.
Some supporters joked that the reflection Tate must have seen was that of his brother Tristan, who was seen in handcuffs here on Monday.

He shared a similar message on Wednesday along with a Zen-like photo of a shaved head broadcaster.

“My body is in prison. But my mind is not in prison. Do you understand?” he asked.

The American-born, British-raised brothers have yet to be formally charged despite being jailed on December 29, accused of rape and running an organized gang involved in sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Andrew Tate in a shirtless training photo.
Tate admitted he “barely recognized” his reflection.
Andrew Tate/Instagram

The couple and their two co-defendants – including Tate’s rumored girlfriend – lost their final appeal on Monday to get out of custody, where they can be held for up to 180 days under Romanian law.

Still, Tate’s Twitter account has regularly shared messages with his followers.

He was only recently allowed back on the platform after being booted from most social media for his often violent misogyny.

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