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Looking for the best software for a gaming PC in 2023? Your search ends when this article goes through 10 different applications that will stimulate your gaming experience. As the industry evolves, it takes more than choosing the right hardware. With the right set of software, your gaming PC can be unmatched.

The best gaming software isn’t just about virus protection or cleaning up the junk on your desktop. Let’s get into the list without further ado.

10 Best Free Software for Gaming PC – Overview

The software mentioned below covers different agendas like online streaming and video recording, matching your skill set and gaming requirements. Certain software add really cool features and keep your CPU safe by maintaining the required temperature.

  • Steam – Best game library
  • Razer Cortex: Game Booster – Marks the game performance
  • Attention Studio – One Stop Solution for all your video recording needs
  • CPU-Z – Software for system information
  • Iolo system mechanic – Optimizes your gaming PC like never before
  • F.lux – Protects you from the blue light
  • Team Speak – First-class communication facilities
  • LogMeIn Hamachi – Covers your VPN needs
  • MSI afterburner – Unleash the true potential of your GPU
  • Piriform CCleaner – Best gaming software in town

As the list of software grows with time, it becomes more difficult to choose the best gaming software. Check out our list of the top ten software for a gaming PC that covers all the necessary aspects.

1) Steam – Best gaming software library

Steam - Best Gaming Software Library

Steam offers the best game library covering all gaming software categories in one place. With Steam, PC owners can enjoy a safe and reliable environment similar to that found on closed box consoles. You can browse and download unlimited software for free with Steam.

Whether you’re an avid gamer or just starting out, Stream has something for everyone! With Stream, you can quickly launch both Indie games and big-budget triple-A games right from the software. In addition, you can take advantage of Stream’s achievement system to track your progress and use Big Picture mode for comfortable gaming on a larger screen.


  • Huge discounts on recently released gaming software


  • Manipulative review often makes users fall prey to fake software downloads.

2) Razer Cortex: Game Booster – Software that provides the best FPS experience

Razer Cortex Game Booster – Software that provides the best FPS experience

Optimizing and boosting your gaming PC is a smart choice to accept longer gaming sessions. This powerful application provides the best fps experience and accelerates system performance, opening a world of possibilities.

With longer gaming sessions, it’s natural for your CPU to heat up. As one chooses this software, one can be worry free and enjoy the game without lag.



3) Attention Studio – Solution for all your video recording needs

OBS Studio – Solution for all your video recording needs

As the gaming industry is booming, individuals are choosing streaming as a secondary source of income. Providing a sustainable and better user experience is a cakewalk with proper gadgets.

OBS Studio is an outstanding video editing tool that also offers video recording facilities. Users can add different media files to the recorded video with optimized channels and create engaging content. Similarly, voice-over and webcam recording provide enhanced facilities that enable premium content to be outsourced in the long run.


  • Smart tools make the video editing process seamless


  • Tools can be difficult to interpret at times

4) CPU-Z – Software for system information

CPU-Z – System information software

Keeping track of all your hardware specs is important to maximizing the performance level of your gaming PC; CPU-Z is a great tool to accomplish this. This freeware provides detailed information including processor name and number, code name, process, package, cache levels; motherboards and chipsets; memory type, size, timing and module specifications (SPD).

In addition, the detection engine can be customized via the CPUID System Information Development Kit – a professional SDK designed specifically for Microsoft Windows and Android.


  • Easy to use user interface


  • Difficult to interpret the data provided for amateurs

5) Iolo system mechanic – Optimizes your gaming PC

Iolo System Mechanic – Optimizes your gaming PC

If you are short on hard drive space or looking for a composable solution for needs such as optimization, performance booster and virus protection, then Iolo System Mechanic solves your problem.

As PC Magazine’s choice, Iolo is the best software for a gaming PC as it integrates various facilities in a compact version. This clever software uses less space on your hard drive and saves you the embarrassment of hogging up your SSD space.


  • Excellent customer support and unlimited access


  • Expensive compared to the competition

6) F.lux – Software that protects you from the blue light

F.lux – Software that protects you from the blue light

Long gaming sessions can have straining effects on your eyes. While there are various glasses to protect you from it, using optimization software is an innovative solution to avoid the scary blue glow. F.lux is an intelligent software that optimizes the screen brightness depending on the hours you use it. F.lux can set up your desktop to avoid eye damage by providing important information such as sleep time and duration.

Even if the screen light does not harm you during the day, it can have long-term negative effects on your eyes. Therefore, choose this gaming software as soon as possible!


  • Reduces the strain on the eyes


  • It does not completely eliminate exposure to blue light.

7) TeamSpeak – Software that provides top security

TeamSpeak – Software that provides top security

TeamSpeak is revolutionizing the industry and providing unique features that are hard to find anywhere else. TeamSpeak gives 100% control to the user and avoids any use of centralized servers and therefore commits to their word. AES-based encryption keeps security a priority and adheres to military-grade security standards.

Ultimately, TeamSpeak stands as the best gaming performance software when you enjoy in-game communication facilities.


  • Superior experience compared to the competition


  • Minimum text-chat functions

8) Login Hamachi – Software that gives you a secure VPN

LogmeIn Hamachi – Software that gives you a secure VPN

Hamachi by LogMeIn powers LAN-like networks and offers unparalleled services to users looking for VPN. The team has taken good care of all signal hooks, from encrypted communication to configured network administration.

On the other hand, centralized software distribution avoids any latency issues and encourages higher user numbers to participate in gaming activity.


  • Impeccable customer support


  • The software only comes in a paid version

9) MSI afterburner – Most used graphics card software

MSI Afterburner – Most used graphics card software

While you have complete control over various software installed, it becomes difficult to keep track of the hardware. With the help of MSI Afterburner, you can maximize your GPU’s performance. This software gives you access to your hardware’s voltage settings, allowing you to optimize the output for improved performance.

This overclocking software allows you to fine-tune your video memory and clock speed, offering improved performance potential. Likewise, features like an on-screen display and hardware monitor make MSI Afterburner the best software for a gaming PC.


  • You can also use it on non-MSI GPUs


  • Overclocking must be handled wisely. Any inexperienced action can damage the hardware.

10) Piriform CCleaner – Software that increases PC speed

Piriform CCleaner – Software that increases PC speed

Piriform CCleaner is your one-stop solution for PC privacy and performance optimization. From deleting your browsing history to emptying a useless system’s registry, Piriform has created a reliable tool. Likewise, it can delete installed software without obstructing other data on the storage disk.


  • Reliable and seamless UI/UX design


  • Limited access during the free version

Why you should have the best software and apps for your gaming PC?

With various applications in play, a gaming PC is better optimized, offering superior performance and better gaming sessions. Likewise, the longevity of a gaming PC comes into question when various applications such as virus protection are not installed.

Therefore, unleash the true potential of your desktop by using the tools mentioned in this article!

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