Border agents rescue stranded hiker from Arizona mountain


February 28, 2023 | 20:35

An Australian hiker stranded in freezing conditions on an Arizona mountain last week was lifted by border agents in a dramatic rescue.

Video shows the helicopter crew locating the man, who was wearing a bright blue jacket atop the snowy Huachuca Mountains in the Coronado National Forest on Friday, US Customs and Border Protection said.

Two rescuers dropped from the Black Hawk to help the hiker, who had been trapped on the mountain in freezing and treacherous temperatures overnight.

An agent attached the tourist to the rope and both were slowly lifted back into the hovering helicopter as snow fell from trees.

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An Australian hiker was stranded on a mountain in Arizona overnight.


The man was captured in the Huachuca Mountains in the Coronado National Forest.


Two rescuers descended from a Black Hawk helicopter to rescue.


The man was flown down to await deputies and emergency personnel for evaluation, but is expected to recover.


The weather conditions were too treacherous to save the day before.


Once the hiker was inside, the crew hoisted the second rescuer into the aircraft, along with the hiker’s equipment.

The man was flown down to await deputies and emergency personnel for evaluation. He is expected to recover.

He had survived on the mountain overnight, where temperatures dropped to freezing and winds gusted as high as 33 mph Thursday.

Police had been searching for the hiker since Thursday, but weather conditions prevented the CBP aircrew from launching the rescue until early Friday morning.

“Our crews are the best at what they do. They are highly skilled and go above and beyond to ensure the best results for everyone they meet, says Tucson Air Branch Director Norman Montgomery. “This could have been a tragic fatal outcome if not for the diligence of the agents.”

The Australian hiker was the 60th person rescued by CBP aircrew this fiscal year, the agency said.

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