Carnival Cruise Line is sending extra reminders before Spring Break

Carnival Cruise Line is doubling the number of reminders for guests to respect the established code of conduct, warning guests of the consequences of bad behavior ahead of the busy spring break season.

The cruise line has emailed booked guests with another detailed reminder of current policies, including the use of earphones, alcohol policies, smoking and more.

Carnival Emails Spring Break guests

The traditional spring break period includes sailings in March and April, and Carnival Cruise Line expect fully booked ships with lots of younger cruisers, not just kids, but college-aged adults as well. To ensure the safety, comfort and enjoyment of all passengers, the cruise line has emailed guests with several reminders about the code of conduct.

“You will be sailing with us during Spring Break, which is traditionally a period of high occupancy,” the email reads. “As part of our commitment to creating the best environment to provide a fun and memorable vacation for everyone, we want to remind you of our Safety First! guidelines.”

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The letter goes on to detail a number of concerns, including the fact that a cruise ship is a shared space and that “All guests must feel welcome and included, and that everyone shows care and respect for each other.”

All booked guests must acknowledge Carnival Cruise Line’s Code of Conduct upon check-in as the first step to ensure that everyone on board is aware of behavioral expectations and the cruise line’s policies.

The email also encourages groups and families to have pre-cruise discussions to make sure everyone is aware of onboard policies. Several controversial behaviors are highlighted in the email, including:

  • The requirement to use earphones when listening to music or watching programs or movies on mobile devices in public areas.
  • Confiscation of portable speakers and large stereo systems, which will be returned at the end of the cruise.
  • The prohibition to store deck chairs or lounge chairsas all seating is first come, first served.

Each of these behaviors can be highly irritating to cruise passengers, and Carnival Cruise Line has made a strong push in recent months to curb such disrespectful acts, hoping to give every guest a more enjoyable vacation.

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The letter also goes into detail about the cruise line’s alcohol policy, the drinking age and the types of drinks that can or cannot be taken on board in either checked luggage or hand luggage.

The tobacco and marijuana smoking policy is also covered in detail, noting a $500 fine per violation if guests do not follow smoking restrictions and where smoking areas are located.

“This applies to all forms of smoking, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes and marijuana.” the email outlined. The email concludes by reminding all guests to be aware of their personal safety on board, not to climb on rails and to be aware of wet surfaces.

More frequent reminders

This email follows the last one video announcement from Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffywhere much of the same safety information was outlined.

The video also discussed how the cruise line is working to create a safe and enjoyable vacation for guests, including updated safety procedures, additional crew training and improved guest communication so that all passengers are aware of the guidelines.

These changes follow a series highly publicized events spring and summer 2022, when violence on board caused concern among travelers and may have influenced guests’ choice of cruise line.

Carnival Cruise Line also has introduced a curfew for young peopleposted extra signage aboard its ships, hired drug-sniffing dogs for use in homeport terminals, and took other bold steps to curb bad behavior.

Will more emails put cruise line guests in fear of what might happen, or does it provide additional security so that everyone is aware of expectations? Share your thoughts on Cruise Hive Boards!

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