Destiny 2 Lightfall Dungeon Key Confirms New Endgame Activities Launching in Seasons 21 and 23

Published: 2023-02-28T00:07:30

Updated: 2023-02-28T00:07:30

Bungie has confirmed that the paid Dungeon Key will return to Destiny 2 in the Lightfall expansion, with the high-end activities returning in Season 21 and Season 23.

Lightfall is on the horizon, and Destiny 2 players can’t contain the hype surrounding the newest expansion. Bungie has been slowly drip-feeding players information about the newest addition coming to the game. We’ve gradually received details on the location, enemies and the new dark subclass to be released in Lightfall.

Bungie also recently revealed on their website for Lightfall that the Dungeon key will be returning to the game. The Dungeon Key is a paid pass that allows players to enter various dungeons Bungie releases throughout a given year.

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The Dungeon Key was originally released with the Season of the Haunted for Witch Queen expansion in 2022. This pass allowed players to access both Duality and Spire of the Watcher, dungeons released in Seasons 17 and 19 respectively. Many players cost 2000 silver ( about $20 USD), and were initially torn about having to spend on the Dungeon Key when they had already purchased Season Passes.

fate 2 lightfall locationBungie

Destiny 2’s newest dungeon may take place in the Neptune location of Neomuna.

Bungie has now confirmed that the Dungeon Key for Lightfall will also include two dungeons, similar to the Witch Queen’s. These dungeons will be released in Season 21 and Season 23. Season 21 is titled Season of the Deep and will follow Lightfall’s season.

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The Dungeon Key will be available for purchase upon release of Lightfall, although it will not take effect until the dungeon is actually released in Season of the Deep. However, players who purchased the Lightfall Annual Pass will also receive the Lightfall Dungeon Key upon release, which entitles them to both dungeons along the line.

If you plan to play Destiny 2 all year long, including the dungeons and seasons, it’s a better value for you to buy the annual pass. However, players who aren’t quite sure about the annual pass will have to pay 2,000 silver if they want to take part in any of the new dungeons Destiny 2 is releasing.

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