GAIMIN: How You Can Get Rewards Playing PC Games

Finally get something back for PC gaming!

Updated: 28 February 2023 at 07.50

how to earn rewards for playing everything


Despite how much we love games, we are occasionally struck by the thought that we could be doing something more productive. We spend all this money on the best gaming PC, the best mouse, the best keyboard, everything, but we never take advantage of it.

Yes, you can become a streamer or a YouTuber, make money from your hobby that way, but it’s a lot of work, time and investment. In addition, you run a real risk of turning your once-loved hobby of gaming into an everyday life that is inseparable from the office job you are trying to escape.

If only there was a way to use the game process itself, making playing games actually profitable. Well, luckily for you, dear reader, GAIMIN can do just that. is a decentralized computer network, which is essentially a network of several computers working together. It’s not a new concept, but GAIMIN is the first company to identify gaming PCs as a source of decentralized network-based processing power.

It also makes sense, as gaming PCs are extremely powerful these days, but all this power is not often harnessed, as it’s rare that any game or application can really take advantage of all available resources.

So while you’re playing, a lot of your GPU, CPU, and RAM are being used to create all those lovely particle effects, ray-traced reflections, and other amazing visuals. Unfortunately, there are still gaps, lots of resources that are unused.

This is where GAIMIN comes in. It fills the gaps left by these games and applications, and instead dedicates the unused power to which monetizes the available processing power for activities such as rendering and processing blockchain calculations, and soon the determination of supplementary processing power for AI-based applications . These services are monetized by GAIMIN, returning cryptocurrency rewards back to users who allow their devices to participate in the

So while you play, GAIMIN uses the extra processing power of your PC to perform these services in the background. However, if you have a lower performing device, GAIMIN allows you to decide how much of your GPU can be used for monetization, ensuring that there are no lags in your gameplay, but you still earn some rewards. But how does this reward you?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as that, but it’s not far off. As you play, you decide how much of your available GPU is used to make money. GAIMIN sends “processing jobs” to your device and pays you a share of what GAIMIN earns for the job based on how much of the job your device delivers and how many other users are sharing the processing of the job. You build up rewards in GMRX, which is GAIMIN’s cryptocurrency. GAIMIN receives payment for the jobs in a number of different cryptocurrencies and fiat, so it is easier to consolidate into a single payment mechanism. GMRX will soon be listed on crypto exchanges and will therefore have a concrete value. Until listing, rewards are converted to USDC, which is a stablecoin. You can withdraw USDC to your crypto wallet and use it to buy or sell it in exchange for fiat.

If you keep your USDC as GMRX, you can use it on GAIMIN’s marketplace to purchase in-game assets. Some games actually support buying GMRX to buy in-game currency, meaning you can get Apex Coins or V-Bucks for Fortnite essentially for free. It is worth noting here that GMRX is not currently listed on any exchange, which means that you cannot yet exchange it for other currencies or fiat. As far as we know, this is the lowest bet to monetize your PC gaming habit.

You can then trade this for GMRX, which is a deflation token. This means that unclaimed tokens are deleted from the blockchain periodically, meaning it potentially increases in value.

Once listed, GMRX will be a deflationary cryptocurrency, meaning GAIMIN will take positive steps to maintain and possibly increase the value of GMRX in the open market.

How to set up GAIMIN

Despite the complexity surrounding cryptocurrency and the slightly confusing description above, all of this is managed behind the scenes for you, by GAIMIN’s PC-based application.

Fortunately, setting up the GAIMIN application is super easy, requiring about the same amount of work as installing Steam or Origin or something like that.

Just head over to and click the download button. Within a few minutes, your download will complete and you can install the application from here.

After opening the app and setting up an account, you will be redirected to Venly, where you will set up your wallet and copy your Venly wallet address to your GAIMIN account Anyone who is already familiar with Cryptocurrency will know how easy this process is. step is.

After that, you’re done! Just sit back, play games just like you always have, keep an eye on your second screen, and watch as the live counter tracks estimated earnings in real time.

Do you need a powerful PC to earn rewards with GAIMIN?

No, you can earn rewards with virtually any system. As we mentioned, GAIMIN works by taking advantage of otherwise unused computational power. Even older systems will not be fully utilized by games, meaning there will always be costs that GAIMIN can use. You can even choose the processing power available to GAIMIN if you experience lag in your gameplay. You are in control!

Obviously, the speed at which you earn rewards will increase with the power of your PC, so someone with an i9 13900K and an RTX 4090 will earn faster than someone with a 4770K and a 980Ti.

However, the principle remains the same, unless you use GAIMIN, you are leaving performance on the table, so download GAIMIN and put an end to the waste.

How can you use the GMRX you earn?

Currently, GAIMIN has already tested blockchain and NFT integrations with some of the most popular PC games out there. Talked GTA V and Minecraft, and many more will be added. If you play Fortnite or APEX Legends, you can use your earned rewards for Fortnite V-Bucks or APEX Coins by purchasing gift cards with your GMRX, giving you “free” currency to use in these games.

GAIMIN is actively working with game developers to allow GAIMIN blockchain and crypto technology to be incorporated into games by releasing API and SDK technology to game developers to allow them to modify their games and convert Web 2 games to Web 3.

Over time, GMRX can become the in-game currency and support the in-game economy. GAIMIN’s approach to recoverable in-game assets (based on NFT technology) will enable a player to build up an in-game inventory that they own, even when switching games. Using GMRX to purchase these in-game will enable GAIMIN to improve the properties and characteristics of NFTs when GMRX is used.

GAIMIN’s approach allows you to retain ownership of your in-game assets. If you switch games, you won’t lose any of your investment as the in-game assets are kept outside the game, in your wallet, so you can use, sell and rent them – and generate more rewards from typical commercial activities! Also key to this approach is that all assets in the game will be managed through smart contracts. This means that if you rent an NFT to someone else for 2 weeks, everything is automatic – you receive the agreed payment in your wallet, the other person receives the NFT for 2 weeks and at the end of 2 weeks the asset is automatically transferred back to you.

Why you should download GAIMIN right now

After all the talk about NFTs, GMRX, decentralized computer networks and a million other complex sounding topics, we feel the need to reiterate the simple and profitable benefits of using GAIMIN on your own gaming PC right now.

It boils down to the facts. No game uses the PC to its full potential, no application does either, so there’s always unused performance going to waste. Plus, as we mentioned, there are real benefits waiting to be exploited, and with some of the most popular PC games supported right now, there’s no reason not to use GAIMIN to maximize your computer’s productivity.

After all, if you spent all your money on GPU, CPU, RAM etc, you haven’t earned your money without GAIMIN. and put your PC to work in the background, while you relax and keep playing, with GAIMIN.

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