Gamer makes incredible Kirby-themed gaming PC

A player shows off a Kirby-themed gaming PC they built for a client with items like Star Wands and cherry blossoms.

A player has built a custom PC based on the popular Nintendo character Kirby. Most players with a gaming rig built it themselves or had it custom made. This can lead to impressive PCs that show a lot of personality and are often unique.

Some custom PCs are built around a single theme or idea. This can lead to rigs based on a video game franchise or a single character, showing some love to different franchises. One player designed a unique PC around Kirby, with the result quite impressive.


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A Reddit user named 1YardLoss posted a photo of a custom PC they built for a commission. According to the user, the theme requested by the customer was Kirby and cherry blossoms. The PC has a lot of pink and includes items like Star Wands and Star Blocks inside. The rig has a Raspberry Pi showing through the glass side of the case, which 1YardLoss said could be used for temperature monitoring or CPU usage, although the customer can use it for whatever they want. There are also a number of cherry blossoms scattered throughout, really hammering home the theme. The PC looks cute and definitely fits the Kirby aesthetic.

Many Redditors love Kirby PC, to the point that the post has reached over 11,000 upvotes. One user stated that it doesn’t matter if the viewer of the post is a 12-year-old girl or a 40-year-old man, it should bring them happiness. Another said they might need to contact 1YardLoss to build them a PC, while a few others asked for the user’s website. The PC definitely fits the theme that the customer was looking for and would be perfect for any fan of Kirby.

The Kirby PC is just one of many builds that 1YardLoss has done. The user has also created a PC designed after the bee from Minecraft. The rig has lots of hexagonal shapes that resemble beehives, along with yellow LEDs that help push in the bee theme. The PC also has liquid cooling that has a liquid that looks like honey. 1YardLoss also placed a few 3D printed bees from Minecraft around the building, helping to give it a beehive feel. 1YardLoss has shown a good amount of skill and creativity on their PCs, resulting in some impressive rigs. It shows what is possible when building a PC and how much customization can go into such projects.

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe launching for Nintendo Switch on February 24, 2023.

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