Gifts for PC Gaming Kids: What I’m Buying My Son

Do you have a pre-teen or early-teen child? Struggling to think of what to get them for Christmas to complete or complement their PC setup? It’s that time of year again when we’re just a couple of weeks away from Santa leaving presents under the tree. If you’re still deciding what to get your loved ones, you won’t have much time left before there won’t be enough time to get your goods delivered, so it’s better to think carefully about what little monster you can get for their game setup .

My son is 13 going on 26 and plays a mixture of games from Minecraft and Roblox to many a zombie game. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends on their own little Discord server playing multiplayer games together and streaming their gameplay to each other. After watching many YouTube videos, my son has become well indoctrinated into the RGB alt persona when it comes to his room decor. Studio 54 never had such a light show, not even during the disco days.

Headset: Go for quality, wireless is a plus

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