I’m an Equinox member – I get their fancy gym toiletries for free with this hack


March 1, 2023 | 19:50

She never skips shower day.

An Equinox member in Texas took to TikTok to share her trick for getting free Kiehl’s products at the gym — and her strategy is more straightforward than you might think.

Siena Atkins, who goes by the username @sisiatkins on the social media platform, shared the tip in a video that has already reached 3.4 million views.

In the 7-second clip, she showed herself going through the gym’s locker room and taking a small bottle of her own Kiehl’s moisturizer from her purse.

She then entered the bathroom area, where she spied a full-sized bottle of the same Kiehl’s moisturizer, which was provided by Equinox for gym-goers to use. Atkins pumped the product from the full-size bottle into his own smaller bottle and displayed the new contents.

“Going into the dressing room to refill my Kiehl’s moisturizer because my $300 gym membership provides it for me so why buy a new one I practically pay for this one already,” she wrote in white text above the video.

Posten contacted Atkins and Equinox for comment.

An Equinox gym member in Texas revealed how she gets free products from the gym.

Captioning her video, Atkins wrote: “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do🫡” and used hashtags including “#equinox”, “#equinoxgym” and “#Kiehls”.

Equinox and Kiehl’s first struck a deal in 2009 for the fitness brand to carry $10 million worth of products in its gyms. The body care company’s products are also sold in Equinox’s stores, both in person and online.

In the comments section of Atkins’ post, many users could relate and admitted that they do the exact same thing when they go there to train.

“I lived with 3 girls and delivered all our towels and scrunchies from Equinox,” spilled one user.

Atkins brought her empty Kiehls product to the gym and filled it up from their larger bottle.
In the caption of her TikTok post, she explained that “a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.”

“I used to do it with creme de corps in the showers. Product snappers UNITEEEE!” one commenter wrote, while someone else admitted: “I used to take all the shampoo and conditioner and literally pump it out in my own bottle.”

In Austin, Texas, where Atkins is located, the most basic level to work out at the gym costs $215 per month, while a membership that gives you access to all Equinox rooms across the U.S. will set you back $290 per month, according to Gym. Price list. The top membership costs $330 per month, according to the website.

Others praised her for the hack, and some even joked that it was sustainable.

“Hey, you’re not buying a new package, so it’s good for the environment!!” one person wrote.

Another wrote: “Never even considered this but very clever too I agree, you pay such a high monthly fee, you deserve it! 😁”

Last year, the luxury health club announced that it would begin accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment in NYC.

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