Kansas City Chiefs fans ‘SICKENED’ by booze-fueled Super Bowl parade

A section of Kansas City Chiefs fans have made their anger known about the team’s alcohol-fueled Super Bowl parade, writing furious letters to the local newspaper.

The Chiefs beat the Eagles to lift the Lombardi Trophy earlier this month, and the players wasted no time in celebrating the success, going on a wild parade that made headlines around the world.

While the party seemed good-natured, it saw Patrick Mahomes nearly fall off the top deck of the bus, Travis Kelce knock down shots and rookie Jaylen Watson have to be taken home in a wheelchair after drinking too much alcohol.

Many fans were delighted to see their heroes let their hair down after an incredible season on the pitch – but for others the crazy parade was something of an embarrassment.

In a series of letters to the editor of the Kansas City Star, published in the paper this week and shared by the New York Post, a number of supporters did not hold back in their criticism.

Jaylen Watson posted a photo of him in a wheelchair on Twitter
He was seen downing a bottle of Hennessy during the open top bus parade

“If the Chiefs can’t go a few hours without alcohol, the organization has a problem,” wrote Janet Elaine Hensel. “I was sickened to see this for the second time. Some Chiefs even bragged through social media about how drunk they were afterward.

– I am ashamed that players I cheered for could barely walk after they got off the bus. No doubt this spectacle reached the news in other cities.’

In another letter, Skip Stogsdill referenced the parade three years ago and shared his disappointment that lessons had not been learned from the “negative feedback” of previous Super Bowl celebrations.

“I felt that way three years ago and I thought there would have been enough negative feedback from parents of kids and teenagers voicing their concerns to the Chiefs’ administration that it wouldn’t happen again,” he said.

Travis Kelce caught a mini bottle of Fireball from a fan and quickly downed it without question
Kelce enjoys a shot of Fireball on the bus

A third letter focused on the “Arrowhead chop”, criticized by some for drawing on offensive and racist stereotypes.

“The Chiefs should do everything possible to protect the wonderful brand by getting rid of the chop,” it read. “Instead, every appearance on Wednesday was that they are still actively encouraging it.

Millions of eyes and ears will be focused on our city for a few weeks for the NFL Draft. We need a new move for the fans and who better to introduce one than our creative Super Bowl winning players?’

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