Microsoft Audio Dock review: An excellent all-in-one solution for workspaces

Microsoft’s new PC docking station is designed to enhance workplace meeting rooms with an all-in-one solution for docking a laptop to a larger conference display, while expanding ports, adding virtual meeting controls, a higher-quality microphone and a dedicated speaker system with subwoofer for rich sound.

That’s the unique selling point of the Microsoft Audio Dock, which is a true all-in-one solution that includes a pretty good audio setup. But for $249, this kind of peripheral only makes sense in the meeting room. This is my review.

Microsoft Audio Dock: Price and Availability

Microsoft Audio Dock (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Microsoft Audio Dock isn’t a cheap peripheral, but that’s because you’re getting quite a bit of hardware in this small package. You can find the Audio Dock directly from the Microsoft Store or Amazon for a retail price of around $250. Here are the specs and what you get in the box:

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Category Microsoft Audio Dock
Dimensions 6.6 x 3.16 x 3.19 inches (167.6 x 80.2 x 81 mm)
Weight 22.9 oz. (650g)
Gates 1 USB-C (3.1 Gen 2)
1 USB-C (3.1 Gen 2)
1 USB-A 3.2 (3.1 Gen 2)
1 HDMI 2.0
Buttons Microsoft Teams button
Mute button
Volume up button
Volume down button
Play/pause button
Speakers Tweeter: OD 25.9 x 11.6 mm
Subwoofer: 54 x 48.8 x 41.5 mm
Up to 90 dB SPL
70 Hz~20 kHz for music playback
200 Hz~8 KHz for conference
Microphones Two omni-directional microphone arrays
In the box Microsoft Audio Dock
Power supply unit

Microsoft Audio Dock: Design and Ports

Microsoft Audio Dock at the front (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Microsoft Audio Dock is one of the more stylish PC docks you can find on the market these days. While most docks are housed in a square plastic or metal box, the Audio Dock has a rounded pill shape, covered by a modern mesh fabric that hides the included speaker drivers.

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