Nemo reacts to the reveal of his worst enemy Zangief for Street Fighter 6

Grappler characters are generally considered annoying to fight in fighting games for anyone who doesn’t play them, but there’s one top pro in particular that has made hating grapplers, and Zangief in particular, directly tied to his personal ethos.

Saishunkan|Nemo recently reacted to the big reveal of Zangief, Lily, and Cammy for Street Fighter 6, and thanks to FGC Translated, we can see all of the competitor’s thoughts and concerns about the Switch — plus what he already doesn’t like about his updated moveset.

The first thing Nemo points out is Zangief’s standing medium punch and the target combination the grappler seems to be getting out of now, and the pro hopes that doesn’t mean he’ll be able to break the move particularly.

However, you really get to see the fear kick in when you take a closer look at Gief’s new triple stomp combo that doesn’t knock down the opponent and seemingly leaves him in SPD range.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Nemo said as translated by FGC Translated. “And check this out. It’s not a knockdown. I think he’s in range of SPD! Is this okay?

What if he can go for a new mix with light kick and SPD… It’s going to be really bad.”

One thing that seems to give Nemo some hope is that Zangief’s Drive Impact looks like it has a pretty short range… except that he can combo with SPD if it hits as a counter.

“This means if Zangief reacts to Drive Impact with his Drive Impact, then he can switch sides and now you’re cornered,” Nemo said. “Be careful everyone.”

The one thing Nemo was probably looking for the most was the range on Gief’s Drive Rush since that’s one of the biggest concerns with grapplers in Street Fighter 6, but of course this trailer didn’t show that at all.

As for the other two characters in the reveal, Nemo thinks Lily looks pretty funny and reminds him a bit of The King of Fighters’ Choi Bounge for her short stature but deceptively long reach with some other similarities to Samurai Shodown’s Nakoruru.

Like most people, Nemo seems to be on board with Cammy’s new redesign and feels that she is likely to be a very popular character in SF6.

Although Nemo has shown interest in JP recently, we still don’t know who he’ll line up with for those awkward handshakes in SF6 in Zangief, but you can bet they’ll probably come one way or another.

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