Person in ‘Scream’ costume asks for more 911 calls

Person in ‘Scream’ costume asks for more 911 calls


March 1, 2023 | 18:41

A person walking around dressed as the iconic “Ghostface” killer from Scream caused panic in Sonoma, California this week, according to police.

On Tuesday morning, police received “several calls” about the masked robber scaring passersby near the corner of 1st St. East and East Napa Strap, the Sonoma Police Department said.

Police made contact with Ghostface, who told them they had been hired by Paramount Pictures to promote the newest addition to the slasher franchise, “Scream VI,” due out March 10.

“Thank you for everyone’s concern, it has been addressed,” police said, allaying any fears.

On Tuesday morning, the police received “several calls” about the masked robber who frightened passers-by.
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Scream IV, set in New York City, is released on March 10.
Scream VI

Video obtained by NBC Bay Area shows the black-clad figure standing ominously on the street corner, staring menacingly at drivers as walkers pass through the intersection.

According to the news outlet, many scenes in the original 1996 “Scream” movie were filmed in Sonoma.

“Scream VI” stars Jenna Ortega, who also starred in the 2022 “Scream” movie. Courtney Cox will also reprise her role as journalist Gale Weathers.

“Scream VI” is set in New York City. The poster shows Ghostface staring out of an MTA car window, knife in hand, with the ominous tagline “New York. New rules.”

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