SWISS presents new first and business class products (same as Lufthansa), to be deployed from 2025

SWISS Air Lines half surprised customers today when they announced new products for their First and Business Class cabins which will be deployed on long-haul routes from 2025 and beyond.

We say half-surprised because it’s essentially the same Allegris seat that Lufthansa just unveiled a few days ago for its own fleet, so apparently SWISS was just part of a wholesale deal.

SWISS cabin products have traditionally been superior to Lufthansa’s own cabins, and this has been true ever since SWISS became part of the Lufthansa family, but certainly in the last decade or so.

The Zurich-based carrier was among the first to have a 1-2-1 configuration in Business Class and subsequently also received First Class Cube-Suites while with Lufthansa, it remains a very close seat configuration in Business as well as an open seat concept in first class.

Now SWISS will pick up the latest generation of seats, in a way adapting to the family:

You can find SWISS Air Line’s press release here where all details about the new seats are outlined.

SWISS will offer its customers a completely new and more personal ‘SWISS Senses’ air travel experience from 2025 onwards. The centerpiece of the new customer product is a redesigned cabin for the airline’s long-haul fleet, which was unveiled to the public today. SWISS First, SWISS Business and SWISS Economy are being completely redesigned, while the popular SWISS Premium Economy introduced in 2022 will also be retained. SWISS will gradually install the new cabins throughout its long-haul fleet from 2025 onwards. Its new Airbus A350-900 will be delivered with the new interior installed.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) will offer its customers a completely new and more personal ‘SWISS Senses’ air travel experience from 2025 onwards. The centerpiece of the new customer product is a completely redesigned cabin for the airline’s long-haul fleet. SWISS unveiled its new cabin interior to the public today.

“This is the most comprehensive cabin renewal in the company’s history,” says SWISS CEO Dieter Vranckx. “As a premium airline, we want to take due account of our customers’ desire for more individuality. And with this extremely high-quality product, we can continue to meet all our high ambitions.”

The completely redesigned long-haul cabin features a timeless color scheme and top-quality materials. The warm and muted tones such as claret, anthracite and beige convey a special feeling of comfort and calm. The new concept also extends to SWISS’ first ever suites, which will be offered in SWISS First and parts of SWISS Business. All seating classes will also have new human-centred lighting that helps alleviate the effects of jet lag. A new state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system with larger screens and connectivity options for the customer’s own personal devices will also be provided in all seating classes.

“With ‘SWISS Senses’, we make our customers’ flights an even more personal and more sensual experience,” adds SWISS Chief Commercial Officer Tamur Goudarzi Pour. “With its deep devotion to detail, our new long-haul cabin will provide our passengers with a special feeling of warmth and well-being – a cozy and comfortable yet functional environment in all our travel classes.” …

SWISS First: privacy guaranteed

The new SWISS First suites offer their guests total privacy with closable sliding doors, a spacious personal wardrobe, a large seat table, seat heating and cooling, a wireless charging station and a screen as wide as the suite itself. The cabin’s center suite can also be configured to fit two people traveling together. The suites’ warm colors and wooden details convey a strong feeling of comfort and tranquility in top-quality surroundings. An advanced and spacious new washroom has also been developed for the new SWISS First cabin. The facility takes its inspiration from the famous spring in Vals in the canton of Graubünden: a slate-black exterior, and a green interior that alludes to the spring’s fresh and cooling water.

SWISS Business: aisle access from all seats

The completely redesigned SWISS Business cabin is purposefully designed to meet a wide range of wants and needs. In addition to “classic” Business Class seats, the new cabin offers several other seating options, such as double seats for passengers traveling together. Selected seats can also be closed with a sliding door. All the new SWISS Business seats have seat heating and cooling and a wireless charging station. The cabin’s top-quality materials in claret and anthracite help convey an extremely cozy and intimate atmosphere throughout. …

Apart from the color scheme, you will find that the seats are identical to the new Lufthansa product.

This is the Business Class seat:

And the First Class Suite seat:

It is interesting that they are now looking at overhauling the already very good SWISS product and installing the same seats as on the mainline LH long haul fleet.

Lufthansa unveils new Allegri’s Double First Class & Business Class “Suite Plus” products

At the very least, Swiss hospitality will remain a unique feature of the carrier, although you will also find passengers preferring the Austrian service over the Swiss, and both definitely beat the German “charm” on LH flights if you want to call it that.


SWISS passengers will be able to enjoy a new seating atmosphere on its long-haul fleet from 2025 onwards, as the carrier will get a cabin overhaul with the same Allegris products that Lufthansa will get over the next few years.

Even under the best of circumstances, it will still be 2+ years before we see the first of these seats appear on SWISS aircraft, but since the cabin is already updated in terms of modern products, it is not such a pressing issue compared to Lufthansa’s mainline .

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