The Google Pixel Fold can crush the Samsung Foldable’s battery life

An image of what a Pixel Fold would look like, but there are two Pixel 7s

The author interprets what a Pixel Fold will look like (this is two Pixel 7s stacked next to each other).
Photo: Florence Ion/Gizmodo

It’s time to start fooling around what the Google Pixel Fold might look like when Google gradually announce it. Right now, Samsung is Google’s biggest hardware competitor in the Android space, and the South Korean company is also far and away the leader in the foldable hardware category. So it’s no surprise that the rumor mill has decided that the next Pixel phone could be a foldable box style with a bigger battery and wider chassis than Samsung’s Z Fold 4.

The last rumblings come from 9to5Google, which has learned that the Pixel Fold is heavier due to a larger battery pack spliced ​​into it. It will be almost 5000 mAh, bigger than Samsung’s 4400 mAh. And if you compare it to foreign foldable devices, it will be bigger than Oppo Find N2, its sister phone Find the N2 Flip I previewed last week.

IIt would be nice to have a foldable with longer battery life in the pipeline. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 has some of the lowest numbers on our benchmark charts because the device is technically a 2-in-1; wWhen you use the Z Fold opened, it’s essentially a 7.6-inch tablet running on a smartphone-sized battery. For comparison purposes, a mid-range Samsung Android tablet of a similar size has at least a 5100 mAh battery.

The Pixel Fold may also be slightly heavier than the Z Fold 4, which could be interesting for longevity. The Z Fold 4 is such a nice experience now because it’s not very heavy in the hand – you can technically hold it up in bed as if you were reading a book or an e-reader, although it still hurts when it falls on your face yours. There are no specific numbers offered on weight yet. Most of this presumption comes from the device having a larger battery.

9to5Google also shares an interesting chart in the recipe of the rumors. Dimensions of the Pixel Fold were leaked in December per OnLeaks, which has a good record for these little bits. According to the mockup, the Pixel Fold will be a wider device than the relatively narrow Z Fold 4. While this remains unconfirmed, it’s interesting to think about because as foldable devices become more common in the market, users will choose a device based on whether they prefer a wider body to a narrower one. It’s not much different than the smartphone size wars we have now. Honestly, I’d love a wider Samsung foldable so it’s easier to pat when closed in phone form.

Google’s Pixel Fold journey has been going on for a while. IN 2021the company reportedly canceled development of a prototype of the never-announced foldable, and again in 2022. We are tracking the new rumors because we have received one a few months ago that we could expect something in May when Google organizes its annual developer conference. We’ll see!

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