The new Pokemon raid has a glitch straight out of a creepypasta

Iron Leaves is seen standing in a grassy area with a cliff face seen in the background.

Screenshot: The Pokémon Company / Kotaku

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet received two new tera raids yesterday, which brought Paradox versions of Suicune and Virizion for both games. However, some players have managed to join these raids without updating their games with the latest patch, and this has broken the entire match in a way that not only locks them out of catching these legendary Pokemon, but instead gives them a cursed, unhatchable, unhatchable egg, or a bad egg, as it is colloquially known in society.

Bad Eggs are placeholders in the code that appear when the game does not contain data for a Pokemon. Before yesterday’s update, Walking Wake and Iron Leaves were not encoded Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but because the in-game tera raid menu draws from a pool of matches other players match for, it’s possible to join before actually downloading any of the data associated with the raids. Doing this will replace the Paradox Pokémon with an egg. You can still catch this egg, but it will never hatch, it can’t be released, and it just sits in your box, taking up space. The biggest problem of all? If you catch Bad Egg, it counts as your single catch for the event, and you won’t be able to catch Walking Wake or Iron Leaves even after you download the patch. Unlike most event attacks, these Pokémon cannot breed, so one friend cannot make another if you catch the egg.


The Pokémon Company and Game Freak have acknowledged the problem and say they are working on a solution. But for now, a handful of players are stuck with an unborn Paradox Pokémon in an egg, lingering over their party and box space as a terrifying harbinger of an ancient or futuristic monster yet to be unleashed upon the world. Bad Eggs have become common enough in Pokémon series to have a name for the phenomenon in the series’ nomenclature, but the concept still sounds like something you’d hear about in a cursed copypasta from an early 2000s gaming forum: “If you don’t download the latest update, instead of When you fighting Iron Leaves, you get an egg of its unborn spawn trapped inside its shell. You can’t get rid of it, and you’ll never be able to catch the Pokemon you want.”

Walking Wake and Iron Leaves were originally teased Pokemon Scarlet and Violetits main game, so many players have been waiting for their releases for a few months. Hopefully, Game Freak manages to rectify the situation both for future players and for those who have already been affected. At least the game now requires you to download the latest patch to access the raids.

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