This huge Diablo 4 statue costs as much as a good gaming PC

Are you a big fan of video game swag, but find that $11,600 Final Fantasy statue (opens in a new tab) just a little out of reach? Blizzard offers what could be a solid second choice in its gear shop: a sculpture of Inarius, the rogue angel whose eternal beef with the demon Lilith is one of the central plot points of Diablo 4 (opens in a new tab).

Inarius (opens in a new tab) figures quite prominently in Diablo’s deep history: He played a key role in the creation of Sanctuary, but was handed over to Mephisto as a prisoner under the terms of the truce that ended the Sin War (opens in a new tab). Despite that, he has never actually appeared in a Diablo game, although his logs can be found in Diablo 3. He is featured prominently in the Diablo 4 release date trailer, and he clearly has some history with Lilith.

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