VIDEO / Lufthansa presents the new Allegris First Class Suite Plus and Business Class suite

Lufthansa is expanding its premium First Class offering with “Suite Plus”, a separate double cabin with high walls and a fully closing door, large table and two wide seats that can be combined into a double bed.

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First Class Suite guests can heat or cool their nearly one meter wide seats in the suite according to their personal needs and connect their own mobile device to the entertainment system. Ample storage space is provided by a suite wardrobe so travelers can change and keep all their personal belongings close at hand. The cabin crew serves the gourmet menu at a time that the guests wish. The meal can be enjoyed in the private suites at the large First Class table, which resembles a restaurant.

First Class will be introduced in 2024 on the recently delivered Airbus A350s as part of “Lufthansa Allegris”, the airline’s new long-haul product. “Allegris” is part of the largest product and service overhaul in the history of the Lufthansa Group, with a total investment of 2.5 billion euros by 2025. With “Allegris”, more than 80 brand new Lufthansa aircraft – Boeing 787-9s , Airbus A350s and Boeing 777-9s – will fly to destinations around the world. Aircraft already in service with Lufthansa, such as the Boeing 747-8, will also be retrofitted.

Suite Business Class

Business Class guests can also look forward to their own suite, which offers more privacy due to chest-high walls and sliding doors. Inside, it is possible to connect the two suites so that guests traveling together can enjoy a large degree of privacy. Here, travelers in the first rows can enjoy extended personal space, a screen of up to 27 inches and plenty of storage space. Each suite also has its own wardrobe and personal minibar. Inside, it is possible to connect the two suites so that business class guests traveling together can enjoy a large degree of privacy.

In Business Class, passengers can choose between 6 extra seat options, depending on whether they want an extra long bed of 2.20 metres, extra space and work area, a seat with a baby seat, or simply a seat right by the window. A double seat, where the center console can be retracted to transform it into a sleeping surface for two, is also available.

The seats can be converted into a bed of at least two meters and also offer high-resolution screens (4K), generously sized dining tables, wireless charging, noise-reducing headphones and Bluetooth connectivity. All seats are also equipped with a heating and cooling system, giving business class travelers the flexibility to set their own temperature.

Premium economy and finance

The new Premium Economy Class has already been introduced at SWISS in spring 2022. The “Allegris” seat offers more legroom, a fold-out legrest, and can be adjusted even further back than the current model. However, because it will be integrated into a hard shell, the adjustment will have no effect on the passengers in the back row. The table and screen always remain in place. For more comfort, passengers in Premium Economy Class will also receive a travel offer made from sustainable materials.
With the new “Allegris” product generation, Lufthansa also gives its guests significantly more choice in economy class. In the future, travelers will have the option to book extra seats in the first rows that provide more legroom, or an available seat next to them.

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