Warzone 2 March 2 Update: AI nerf, UI changes, crash fixes

Published: 2023-03-02T21:08:03

Updated: 2023-03-02T21:38:02

Infinity Ward has released a small update for Warzone 2 and DMZ, bringing AI, bug fixes and more.

Warzone 2 introduced Battle Royale’s first Resurgence map, Ashika Island, as part of the Season 2 update. The developers added two new contracts, Data Heist and Search and Seizure, along with the new environment.

Community members beat Data Heist to add AI enemies to Ashika Island. Players must download information from one of the map’s three uplink stations and take down the enemies from the AI ​​Shadow Company to complete a Data Heist contract. Ashika Island is already small enough that some Warzone 2 players claimed AI enemies ruined the pace of the games.

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Fortunately for those opposed, Infinity Ward reduced the number of AI enemies during Data Heist contracts, and also made some other significant changes.

Infinity Ward announced bug fixes and AI nerfs

Ashika Island power station with WZ2.0 logoActivision

The latest Warzone 2 update finally nerfs AI enemies.

On March 1, Infinity Ward announced changes coming to AI enemies in the DMZ, but did not provide any details. Developers shed more light on the situation in the latest patch notes. AI enemies now do “moderately” less damage to Al Mazrah and Ashika Island in the DMZ.

Modern Warfare 2 has already made several UI changes, and the March 2 update makes navigating the Battle Pass easier. The update also fixed an issue where the gas would not damage AI enemies. An annoying bug caused the list of recent players to become unresponsive, which has also been fixed.

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Finally, Infinity Ward improved performance on Ashika Island, and also fixed a few uneven physics bugs on the new map.

Warzone 2 March 2 patch notes

Here are the full Warzone 2 March 2 patch notes.


This update contains fixes for a number of known crashes.



  • Fixed an issue that caused the list of recent players to appear unresponsive after using search


  • Fixed various geo/collision issues on Ashika Island

Enemy combatants

  • Fixed an issue where AI combatants were not damaged by the gas

Battle Pass

  • Improved quick gear options in Battle Pass
  • Improved general navigation and usability in the Battle Pass




  • Fixed an issue affecting the visibility of contract icons on the Tac map

Battle royale

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from respawning if they are in Last Stand when the revive timer is disabled


  • Fixed an issue with the “Death From Above” mission not tracking correctly with teammates


Battle royale

  • Improved visibility to the Data Heist contract target on Ashika Island
  • Reduced scope of AI combatant reinforcements during the Data Heist Contract on Ashika Island


  • Various performance improvements to the Ashika Island DMZ
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to keep Loadouts between DMZ matches
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed duplicating teammate Dog Tags



  • Introduced some moderate changes to AI combat damage that reduce lethality over Al Mazrah and Ashika Island in the DMZ.

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